“As educators, we understand that culture is a great motivator, especially in a county as diverse as ours. Exploring their heritages through authentic art excites and entices our students.”
-Bob Brazofsky, Executive Director of Social Sciences, who purchased books for Miami-Dade County Public Schools


“These books and text-dependent questions perfectly align with the Reading Standards of Informational Text and Literacy in History/Social Studies. They are an amazing resource for all students as they meet the challenges of these standards. In choosing books for K-12 Curriculum we seek books rich in culture and history. These books cover cultural groups that large publishers have overlooked, but they are definitely important.”
-Dr. Cathy Pressey, Social Studies Specialist who purchased books for the School District of Palm Beach County


“These Central American, Caribbean, and South American stories tap into the prior knowledge of our immigrant students, who are learning English as a second language. When students see a familiar picture on the page, it supports engagement and adds meaning to their reading. These U.S.A. books start from the ground up as they build background knowledge of U.S. history for our ELLs. The text-dependent questions challenge students to delve deeper in their comprehension of the text.”
-Mike Riley, Principal, School District of Palm Beach County


“These titles are useful for close reading, read-alouds, shared reading, guided reading, and independent reading.”
-Angela Gonzalez, Literacy Specialist, School District of Palm Beach County


Our students scour the shelves for Art of the Americas books. Our statistics show that these titles have high circulation rates which continue to rise.”
-Sarah McKnight, Media Specialist, School District of Palm Beach County

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